Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday #3

Weigh In Wednesday with Kate and Joy from Happy To Be At Home

I got so busy yesterday that I didn't get it posted. But here it is on Thursday instead.

Doing ok. Nothing extra great, but I haven't had any big cheats.

Still drinking lots of water.


Still haven't started the exercise and I guess it showed this week at the weigh in :(


I've figured out that if I chew gum I'm not tempted to snack when the kids are eating something.


Dr Pepper...of course

Plans for next week:
Try counting calories. I signed up at Calorie Count and have been logging my calories today. We'll see if maybe I'm eating more than I think I am when I actually start counting everything I put in my mouth.


So much for losing two pounds last week, I gained them back this week plus one!


  1. Hang in there. If you've read my progress over the last few weeks, you'll see that I fell off the wagon and it took me a while to get back on. I love the chewing gum idea. That's something that just might work for me. I've been trying to not eat unless I'm hungry, but maybe chewing gum will help alleviate those times when I just feel like eating for emotional reasons.

    You can do it! I'll check back next week to see your progress.

  2. Thanks Joy. Some days it seems easy but some days are HARD. Especially at night when the kids get snackie (that's when I chomp gum! lol)


Oh Goodie!!! I love comments! Thanks so much for your kind words.