Saturday, March 7, 2009

From To-Do to Ta-Da 3/7

From To-Do, to

Even though I've had one distraction after another and my days keep finding ways to fill up beyond what I'd planned, I still managed to get most of my list done this week.

Daily Items
Continue daily bible study/prayer
Read/Respond/Clean Out emails
Read/Clean Out Reader
Do item from Office Organization list

Weekly Items
Laundry Catch Up
Pay Bills/Paperwork
Plan/preparation of Blog Posts
Kitchen Prep
breakfast sandwiches
church pot-luck cancelled this, not going to the pot luck this time (something came up)

Spring Cleaning Items
Dining Room
Declutter books from book shelves
Change clocks on Sunday (time change)
Check batteries in smoke alarm

Reunion Items
Mail out surveys/bios to new addresses
Research more banquet venues-delegated this item out but I'm adding new ones :)
Try to make calls on the short list
Update my spreadsheets and email them to the boys by next week
Get with H. and see if she can use a hand getting started on her list or with making a website

Other To-Do Items
Boxes from Storage
Prepare Garden Beds


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