Sunday, March 8, 2009

To Do List 3/9-3/14

Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting is still sponsoring the To-Do Tuesday, and I'm still going to participate, but I think for orders sake, it will be easier for me to start on my to-do lists on Mondays. So I will begin posting them Sunday evenings or Monday mornings, and just link to the carnival on Tuesdays.

Here is my list for this week:

Daily Items (Mon-Fri)
Continue daily bible study/prayer
Read/Respond/Clean Out emails
Read/Clean Out Reader
Comment/Reply to comments

Weekly Items
Plan/preparation of Blog Posts-Wednesday
Laundry Catch Up-Thursday
Pay Bills/Paperwork-Friday
Garden Catch Up Day-Tue we had freezing drizzle most of the week, so didn't get this done after all

Spring Cleaning Items
Dining Room
Declutter books from book shelves

Kitchen Cleaning all week
Clean Fridge Inside/Out/Top/Underneath & coils
North wall cabinets, counters inside & out
East wall cabinets, counters inside & out
floors, windows & decorative touches

Other things took priority this week that weren't on the list, so my spring cleaning list wasn't accomplished

Reunion Items
Mail out surveys/bios to new addresses
Check prices for nametags w/pictures
Check prices on memory idea
Begin trivia quiz

Other To-Do Items
Finish boxes
Check ironing
Make cake for Father-in-laws birthday (hopefully I can figure out how to make an alien cake) using heart shaped pan and cutting off top sides of hearts...that should make correct head shape for an alien. I'll do pictures, but I think I have it figured out anyway!


  1. I thought of that, but To-Do Mondays didn't sound as cute LOL!!!!!

    Rock the To-Do list sistah!! I was sick last week, so not as good with checkin' in as I am normally. How'd you do? :)

  2. Looks like you made a good start - hope the rest of the week has been going well. I just got my list up today - my son's birthday was Tuesday, so I was pretty busy with all of that. :)

  3. I've gotten so busy with the list that I haven't been posting what I've done! lol

  4. You did fantastically this week!! Ready for another week?


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