Sunday, March 1, 2009

Making My Home Sing

Making your home sing Mondays

Every year about this time my thoughts begin to stray towards the garden. I dream about what I will grow, bountiful harvests, beautiful flowers blooming in the flower gardens, the smell of lilac coming from the bushes in my front yard. Oh how I love spring.

Have you ever seen that movie "Field Of Dreams?" Kevin Costner is told by a still, small voice "If you build it, they will come"

I too am hearing this still, small voice. It says "If you clean it, Spring will come."

"If you clean it, Spring will come."

So with that in mind, I'm beginning my spring cleaning tour this week. I'm going one room/area at a time so that by the time spring actually DOES get here I should be in good and CLEAN shape!

This weeks agenda is:

Front Porch
clean off cobwebs
sweep/wash walls on porch
sweep/wash floors
windows in this area and front door
plan pots & seating arrangements for this year
fresh spring wreath for porch (make or buy)

wash prints on walls
vacuum area
hang mirror
re-visit ideas about shelf in this area

Dining Room
wash walls/light switches as needed
dust light fixture
dust and reorganize each shelf
make place for Great Grandmothers buffet that is coming (or plan the space)

So that's how I'm planning on making my home SING this week. What are you doing this week for your own home's harmony? For great ideas, visit Home Sing Monday @ MomsTheWord


  1. I love, love, love this quote: "If you clean it, Spring will come." That's exactly how I feel today!

    How fun that we are both in the mood to spring clean. There is just so much satisfaction in it and everything just "sparkles." I loved your list. Have fun and thanks for joining us today!

  2. It's my pleasure to join your carnival. Thank you for sponsoring it!!

  3. I hope its true that if you clean it Spring will come, because I am so over Winter, if all I have to do is clean to bring Spring bring on the Clorox Green Works. I might just borrow your list as a place to get started.

  4. Let's all clean quickly so it will get here sooner. I'm so ready!


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