Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Errand Book

Do you have errand days like I do where you have ten pieces of paper to keep track of, coupons for three or four different stores that you plan to use, and a plan or map in your mind of where you need to be when so that you aren't back-tracking all day? If so, then you need an errand book like I use.

I love my little errand book. I picked it up on clearance and it sits on my desk all week long as I make my list of errands, then I can assign each errand a pocket. I add to my shopping lists, add in deals that I want to do with coupons (and add the coupons to the smaller coupon pocket). So when I'm ready to go make my errands, I'm all ready to go, book in hand.

The front of it looks like this.

I put my list of where I need to go in the front so that I can know where to drive next (without backtracking if possible). Have you ever driven all the way across town just to remember that you had planned on stopping in at Target or Kmart to pick up something that was on sale? I've let alot of good deals go that way, to save the drive, but if you remember when your a block away, you might as well stop in.

This is what it looks like when you open it up:

There are eight pockets. So I usually have one each for Walgreens, Dillons, Aldi's, and the bank. I add in Walmart, Target, Kmart, tag agent, library, insurance, or anywhere else I need to go each errand day. Each errand will have it's own page/pocket. There is a large pocket and a small pocket for each page. I put my grocery or deal list in the large pocket and then put my coupons to use in that store in the smaller pocket. I also have my regular coupon binder in the car, in case I find something on sale that I hadn't planned on. But I've found planning my coupons beforehand saves me ALOT of time. Organizing them this way saves me alot of stress. I feel more organized, and while I may APPEAR to be organized to alot of people. I'm NOT. I'm constantly struggling to find ways to keep me more organized because I'm not organized naturally. It takes effort for me to keep things in line.

And my errand book...that's what works for me.

What works for you?

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  1. I love this it!

  2. great idea! I like having each destination have it's own pocket!

  3. Thanks ladies. You each have great ideas of your own for WFMW!


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