Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Fave Five 3/6/09

What a busy busy week! I've been trying to keep up with my to-do list and other things keep coming up. I've spent most of the week in our truck going places instead of spending much time getting things done around here. Which is ok, those things needed to be done too...but my list isn't getting very far this week. It's time again though for the weekend and that means I reflect a little bit on how the week went. Here are my favorite five:

1. Improvement with the relationship with Dillon. My oldest child and I have been having those teenage conflicts that come up sometimes and I think we've finally worked our way to the other end! Praise God...I have been praying so hard about it. I knew he was listening!

2. My sweet husband made me chicken noodle soup (FROM SCRATCH, using one of my recipes) over the weekend when I was sick again.

3. Free groceries. This week I got two tubes of Colgate toothpaste for free (plus 1.50 back towards other groceries), two Colgate toothbrushes, two cans of pineapple chunks, and two pks of eyedrops...all for free. Found other good deals too, but that was the FREE stuff.

4. Spring-like temperatures!! I'm loving this weather, I just wish it was here to stay!!

5. TV series on DVD. While I was sick and with other downtime I've really been enjoying watching TV with no commericials one episode after another (as time allows of course). I watched the first two seasons of Heroes, which I'd never seen before in the last three weeks and I really have enjoyed it. It's nice to use the stop and resume feature on a dvd on a day when you have lots of laundry to do. You can watch, get up, get things done and come back to fold right where you left off. Amazing!!


  1. gotta love FREE and, hey, doesn't everything taste better when someone else cooks it?? Nice! My family is big on TV series on the point that we can't watch anything UNLESS it's on DVD! Waiting from week to week is excruciating! :) Great list!

  2. Thanks alot! I liked your list too. You're so creative!

  3. Great week, getting along better with your son and free groceries, sounds wonderful to me!

  4. Hi Lisa! Great list! Hubby's making chicken soup when you're sick is the best. As is free stuff and commercial free tv. But best of all is working through the teenage times with your kids.

  5. Brenda, I liked your list too. And thanks for reading all the way from Paraguay!

    Susanne, thanks for sponsoring the carnival and thanks for the nice comment!


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