Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grocery Results

I have been so busy this week! I went shopping on Monday and here it is Thursday and I'm just reconciling my receipts with my budget.

Here's how I did:


Trans #1
5.99 Tide
-.50 coupon for Tide
.89 Reynolds wrap foil (raincheck from last week)
.89 again
3.29 Colgate toothpaste
-.75 coupon for Colgate
14.99 Blink Tears

Total: 26.84 w/tax
This transaction had all kinds of problems. First they rang up the eyedrops @ the wrong price, and the coupons that would have given me the foil for free the cashier wouldn't accept. Oh well, still a good price.

Rec'd $4.29 RR's

Trans #2 (fixing the eyedrops)
Refund 14.99
7.99 Eyedrops

Rec'd back $8.00 RR + 14.99 cash

Out of Pocket for those 2: $6.30

Trans #3
1.99 2pks of Ritz crackers (b1g1)
1.99 2pks of Ritz crackers (b1g1)
-2.00 Ritz coupon (so four pks of Ritz for 1.99!)
3.29 Colgate
-.75 Colgate coupon
5.99 Tide
-.50 Tide coupon

Total $10.94 w tax
Rec'd back $4.29 RR's
Out of Pocket: $6.65

free toothpaste (plus 1.50 towards my other purchases)
and 4.99 for the Tide is a good price
The only thing I didn't do great on is the foil...but .89/ea isn't a BAD price, I just know I could have done better, but didn't want to hold up the line or have them take it off.
Total OOP: $12.95

2 Tortilla chips $1/ea
2 Wheat Bread .88/ea
10# bag potatoes 2.99
3 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls 2.29/ea
-.55 coupon doubled to $1
-30 coupon doubled to .60 x2
2 Dole pineapple chunks $1/ea
-.75 coupon doubled to $1 x2
2 Kraft American Singles $2.50 ea
-.49 x2
Total Out of Pocket $26.49

So total for the day: $39.44 well within my $80/wk limit


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