Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tackling a Really Big Project

Over the weekend I started a really big project. I didn't expect to get it finished by Tuesday, but I thought I would take the opportunity, even though I'm NOT finished with the tackle to talk about how to handle these types of larger projects that might take a week, two, or even a month to finish.

This is what I'm talking about.

As you can see, I have several large boxes of pictures and memorable items, from both my children, my family, high school and my husband's childhood, children, other family pictures etc. This isn't something I'm going to finish in a day. Probably even if I take all day to work on it. And who has a whole day for a pet project anyway? Not me. But I've put it off long enough, time to work on it with the time that I DO have.

To start I emptied the boxes onto my dining room table, to pair like with like. I can compartmentalize these further to work on a bit at a time as well.

Then, I chose to start with the smallest pile and work on that to completion. This gives me the satisfaction of finishing part of the project and the steam to keep going on the rest of the piles.

I'm able to pack each of these piles up at the end of my allotted time now that I've paired them together, and can get out one box at a time to work on each day.

Here is the first assembled item from this project. It's a photo with several pictures of my father while he was in Vietnam. You can also see two of his medals at the bottom of the arrangement. I used a camoflage shirt that my sons had outgrown as background fabric. I think it looks pretty nice.

Some time this week and coming weeks, I'll either have more finished pictures for you, or I'll report my progress and hopefully have an end in sight!

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  2. tehee I just switched to this same template yesterday. :D thanks for coming over to check out my blog. good system for sorting all your pictures!

  3. What a great idea with the pictures! I never would have thought to use a fabric background let alone a shirt we could no longer use! I look forward to seeing your progress! I have a similar project I also need to tackle!


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