Sunday, March 29, 2009

Making My Home Sing 3/30/09

Making your home sing Mondays

Before I took off the past two weeks, the "singing" I've been doing for my home has been spring cleaning my house one room at a time. Well, if you read those posts you will remember my theory, "If I clean it, spring will come."

Apparently I was correct in that assumption, because the minute that I stopped cleaning look what happened? We got about a FOOT of snow!!

Well you know what that means! I'd better get back to cleaning on the double!

So this week I'm turning up the stereo and singing along while working in my bathroom and living room on Wednesday. I'll dance right into the girls closets on Thursday, working on putting things into order and getting it organized in there

On Friday, I'll work in my room. I'll be cleaning it top to bottom and putting the focus on the decorations in that room, especially the curtains. That should make for a very harmonious week that should put the spring right back into our weather by the weekend!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Your plan sounds great! I also love listening to music while I do any chore! It makes it more tolerable.

  2. Oh! Great idea! I started cleaning out all of my kitchen cabinets this weekend and felt great when it was done. Time to start on the closets...

    Happy Monday!

    ps You can find my post here:

  3. Wow, I had no idea that YOU were responsible for the snow we had here....hehehe! I love spring cleaning, there's something so satitisfying about it. But I have yet to get it all done and need to keep working on it. Room by room.

    I love that you're doing it to music. It's fun to have that in the background and to dance around.

    Thank you for joining us today!

  4. Oh cleaning... ug! Cleaning isn't one of my strong points... I REALLY have to make a concious effort. I love your one room a day idea... not too overwhelming :)

  5. It was YOUR fault we had a winter storm on Sunday? Well, at least you owned it (I thought it was 'cause I got my car washed - phew...that's a load off my mind!). Spring has definitely sprung, though, so your earlier work must have paid off! Thanks!


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