Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

What is up with Blogger??

Oh well, at least this time it's letting me post SOMETHING.

It's time again for Weigh In Wednesday with Kate and Joy from Happy To Be At Home and I'm excited because (drumroll please)

I lost two pounds! Here's how my week went. It sure wasn't perfect, but it was good enough for a loss at least!

Doing fair. I'm working more on portion control and eliminating carbs later in the day. I've also figured out that it doesn't have to be perfect. In previous diets, I have blown a day and said to myself, "well, since I've already blown it...where are the cheetos? I'll go again tomorrow." This time if I slip, I don't add to the hole I've dug, I just dig myself back out the rest of the day, or the next day!

Still doing ok on the water. I'm still not able to let go of the Dr. Pepper, however.


Still haven't started exercising! Abby (my three yr old) was sick this week and I wasn't up to par either, and so I didn't get out to do any exercise.


I've won a few small battles with the craving monster. And although I haven't started exercising yet, I'm still losing!


Dr Pepper.

Plans for next week:
Try to incorporate some exercise. Keep on with water and portion control. LOTS of veggies and salads.


two pound loss

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  1. I would like to join you on weigh in Wed. Let me know if that's possible and what to do. Thanks, Doylene


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