Monday, February 2, 2009

From To-Do to Ta-Da

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Well I have alot of goals to accomplish this week. What I have decided to do for Tackle It Tuesday's from now on is list my goals for the WEEK, and try to accomplish as many as possible on Tuesday, and on Saturday I will report back with whether I finished up or not with my list for the week on Ta-Da Saturday (my own thing, not a carnival). So To-Do's on Tuesday...Ta-Da's on Saturday.

I will update the list throughout the day with red check marks, for the things I have accomplished today.

  • New Bible Study Program daily (3/7 days done!)
  • Organize File Cabinet (this is a big job, I'm redoing the whole system)
  • Get tax stuff together to take to accountant next Monday
  • Continue working on photo project
  • Get garden plotted out
  • Blog planning and posting list
  • Bake and Decorate Evelyn's cake
  • call school regarding some paperwork needed
  • freezer inventory update and reorganization
updated 4:12 pm Tue-accomplished the checked items. I will hopefully have the remainder finished by Saturday!


  1. Great tackle list! Good luck accomplishing it all:-)

  2. That is quite a list! Good luck getting everything done.

  3. Posting your goals is a great tackle topic. You're going to be a very busy lady this week! Have a great week :)

  4. Looks great!I don't even attempt a to do list anymore - I never get through it all.

  5. It is nice to meet you! I love making lists as it helps me stay focused.

    When you are putting leftovers in the freezer bucket do you rinse them first (in case they had a gravy or cream sauce or something on them). I have never done this but think it's a great idea to save it and then make a soup or something. I just don't know if you rinse them first.

  6. Thanks ladies. I visited each of your blogs also and you've got some great ideas on your own blogs as well!

    Momstheword, When you start doing the bucket, you'll understand what I mean by this, but I kind of let the bucket dictate how I put things in from the contents that are already there. You will see a trend right away that will let you know whether you will be putting the contents into a soup or something that point you can decide whether to rinse, wipe, de-bread, etc the contents before adding. I have also been known to have more than one bucket going at a time. They pull together so fast you can do that from the start if you want to.

    Hope that helps!

  7. I am a list person and need to create them to get things done. Great Tackle and good Luck.

  8. Thanks ladies.

    I have always been a list person. I don't know how people can function without them!

  9. I am getting our tax stuff ready as well. Ready to get that done and over with. :)

  10. Yes, Rhea.

    I've been looking around on your blog and I had to laugh at the "Questions you get asked" page. We get those very same questions almost daily. I want so badly to reply with "yes, we do know what causes that...obviously we like it!" hahaha


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