Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How I Clean The Bathroom WITHOUT Help

I have a little helper.

Whatever I'm doing, she's doing. If I'm washing dishes, she's up to her shoulders in dishwater "helping". If I'm vacuuming the living room, she's holding the cord and dancing around the furniture. If I'm dusting, I'd better know that she gets a dustcloth too and she will polish anything that will hold still.

I have one room where I don't let her help me. The bathroom.

It's the one room where I use actual cleaners and I don't want any of that getting on her skin. I don't want to encourage her to put anything into the toilet, or use the least not before kindergarten! So I have a system. I clean the whole house and let her help me, EXCEPT the bathroom. For the bathroom I wait until she is taking a bath.

She "cleans" the tub with her bubbles while I clean the mirrors, sink, toilet, empty the trash and mop the floor. Many times I can even get some organizing in while she's in there cleaning herself, her toys and the sides of the tub. Then when she's finished, we pick up the toys, drain the water and after I get her dried and dressed I can comet out the tub real quick while any hard water spots are still soft from her soak.

I know it's a simple solution, but it sure works for me.

Then, after the house is clean, we can both dance.

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  1. How cute! To think that there will be a day that she no longer wants to help. Great bathroom idea!

  2. That's a great idea -- I can really make better use of bath time to help me keep the bathroom tidy. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thanks Michelle and Sarah,

    Isn't it sad that someday she won't WANT to help, like you said Sarah. In a few years I'll be TELLING her to do something RIGHT NOW!!!. All that willingness to help seems to disappear during the teen years.

  4. They love to help so much at that age! You're right about the chemicals. I used to have my boys clean with wipes. Of course, I trained them in the right order to clean so that they ended with the toilet. I cleaned the inside of it but let them clean the outside with the wipes.

  5. I do this too!!! Great idea!!


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