Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

So I got sick with the flu on Thursday and I've been sick in my bed since Saturday night. That's why I haven't posted my menu before now. I'm STARTING to feel better tonight, so I'm attempting to clean up some of this mess and catch up the laundry tonight before bed (it's baaaad since I've been basically bedridden and made it fend for yourself over the weekend).

But here's the menu for the rest of the week, so I can at least feel like I'm getting a grip on things again:


The Chicken Pot Pie I didn't make last week
Oatmeal Bread


Lasagna (from my freezer)
Green Beans
leftover bread from night before


Chicken Tetrazzini
beans and potatoes (some of that free Green Giant frozen veggies I got two weeks ago)
freezer rolls


Pizza (I don't know yet if it will be hamburger or pepperoni, I have both)


Cowgirl Beans
Corn on the Cob
Texas toast


Meatball Subs

Ahhhh, I feel more organized already. I'm telling you what, if you don't plan your meals, you don't know what you're missing. It's just the most simple and easy way to get a little organization to your life. If you need a little more inspiration for your mealplan, check out Menu Plan Monday over at I'm An Organizing Junkie.


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