Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Some of the blogs I read are participating in something called a Weigh in Wednesday over at Happy to Be at Home. Every Wednesday, people in Bloggy land that choose to participate in this carnival discuss any weight loss they have accrued and how they have done for the week in a number of areas.

I've decided to start this today and will report back next week. I will share everything except for the NUMBERS of my weigh in. I've noticed in this carnival that some do that and some don't so it appears to be optional. I choose opting out!

Posting goals publicly on my blog really reinforces my accountability. I seem to follow through better and feel a bigger sense of accomplishment when I fill out that "ta-da entry" that states my follow through. So hopefully this will be the case with this challenge as well. We'll see how I do each week and I will post back here next Wednesday to be accountable for any missteps or to cheer for victories! Wish me luck.

Next week I will discuss how I handled food choices. Some people are doing low carb, others are counting calories. I think to start I will choose to eat only what will go on a child-sized plate and choose predominately salads and vegetables.

I need to increase my water intake.

I hate exercise. I'm going to shoot for exercise of some kind three times a week and then try to build from there.

I'll let you know! Consistency I know will be my main challenge, so I'm hoping this accountability will help with that.

If only!

Plans for Next Week
Cut out all Dr Pepper (even diet), switch to water and I will allow myself tea if I need to fill a craving. That's a better choice than Dr Pepper.

Weigh In
Ok, I have my number...but I'm not telling you! haha


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