Tuesday, February 3, 2009

End of January Accountability

Crystal at Biblical Womanhood is making an accountability post at the end of each month to see how she is staying (or not staying) on track for her yearly goals. I thought I would join in and keep myself a running update this year as well.

My ultimate focus this year is frugality.

Frugality in Spending

Learning to use coupons to save money and stockpile bargains to stretch a smaller budget

I did really well with this one this month. I was spending alot of time trying to learn how to work this system the way the "coupon queens" do at first, but by the end of the month I'm figuring out how to find the deals fast and that you don't have to catch EVERY deal that comes down the road.

In addition to getting more for my money, I want to spend less this year.

I can do better in this area. I'm by no means doing poorly, but there is room for improvement. Learning to coupon has helped me get more for my money, but in February I'm going to concentrate more on staying on budget than getting "the deal".

We still haven't eaten out or done take out (other than McDonalds for Abby on shopping days)

WooHooo!! 1/1 on this one!

Frugality with "Stuff"

Declutter and Organize our home.

I want our home to be a place of comfort and warmth, so I'm decluttering room by room and getting rid of things that we don't use or don't love...and not bringing IN anything that doesn't meet that criteria as well.

I need organization to stay sane. So I'm also organizing the house, room by room as I go.

So far so good...January I got alot done but I still need to finish up several things and I'm just taking it week by week until I've accomplished all the tasks I have set before me.

Frugality with Food

Eat less...move more. I've GOT to take this weight off. I didn't make a goal lose x amount of pounds this year, but I want a healthier lifestyle and I'm making sure that the quality
and quantity of food fits the frugal choices I'm hoping to make this year.

If you want to see other's updates, or you want to join in yourself, go visit Crystal at Biblical Womanhood


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