Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tackling To-Do's on Tuesday

I thought I would be in town by now. I am feeling so much better, I feel like I've finally kicked this cold. There's nothing left now but just a little bit of cough and congestion (easily fixed by otc cold meds).

But wouldn't you know it? Yesterday at just about bedtime, Abigail starting throwing up. She threw up from about 8 last night until about 10:00 this morning about once an hour or so. So we spent the night in the living room with her on her princess couch (washable and I can throw it out if need be too) and staying close to the bathroom. I washed sheets and towels all night and when she finally stopped throwing up, we both slept on the big couch until about 1:00 this afternoon. So basically, I've accomplished nothing today (except for the fact there's no sick laundry to do, I did it as we went!)

I'm waiting until my husband gets home to go to town for groceries. I don't want to risk throwing up in aisle three!!

I've been doing really well with these lists as part of Tackle It Tuesday. Over the weekend I found another blog (one that participates in Tackle It as a matter of fact) that is also doing lists to tackle. She has a carnival too. So I thought I would link to both carnivals with my lists now. So go to both Crazy Adventures in Parenting and 5 Minutes for Mom to see other lists and tackles this Tuesday!

Here is my list for the week!

Daily Items
Continue daily bible study/prayer
Work on reunion items each day

Weekly Items
Grocery shopping/errands

Kitchen Prep:
make broth

muffins for lunches

breakfast sandwiches

prepare dish for neighbors (just had baby)

Garden bed preps
Photo project
Pay Bills/paperwork

Blog/Computer Work
Check Reunion email everyday
Check regular email everyday/clean out
Clean out reader everyday
Reply to comments/Comment on other's posts
Update Reunion Website

Make posts for next week:


Homeade Thursday

Frugal Friday

Cleaning List

Bathroom (get shower curtain)
Computer room and desks
Living Room
Dining Room
Everyone cleans bedroom/help Abby
Master bedroom
laundry catch up day

The way this list is set up (thanks Lisa!), I don't need to do another post to report my progress. I can edit the html as I go. See how much I'm learning by blogging!! So I will come back once per day and edit my progress on the list. Talk about accountability!


  1. I just started To-Do Tuesday today also; I'm really excited to check some things off!

    Best wishes with your list. :)

  2. You're doing great!!! You've almost completed your list, rock on!

  3. Thanks Trish and Lisa!

    Wow, Blogger is finally letting me respond.


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