Sunday, February 1, 2009

Great Website for Bible Study

I have read the bible three times all the way through on purpose. I'm sure that the bits and pieces I've read in other study methods have maybe given me another time or two as well. However, I have never read the bible in chronological order and I have only read two versions of the bible (King James version and American Standard). I just found a website though that I'm very excited about.

At you can choose from several bible reading plans to read the bible in one year right on your computer monitor. You can choose both the version of the bible you would like to read (from a list of several versions), and you can choose the type of "year" you would like to accomplish. The types of year arrangements vary from beginning to end, to when history has dated the books to have been written, to the chronology of the subject matter dealt with and there are many other choices too.

I have chosen to do a chronological year. The best part about this site, is being able to compare and contrast the different versions of the bible. For example, if I read in the King James version the days material, I can switch back and forth to look at Young's Literal Translation to see exactly how the language translates VERBATIM and I can look at any one of the 19 versions they have available if those two don't suit my needs or questions about the verses. English isn't the only language available to read either. They have every living language I can think of, and latin too.

I'm really excited about this website and study plan. If you want to join me in this study, please leave a comment or send me a message and we can encourage each other!


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