Monday, February 9, 2009


I haven't updated my To-Do's into Ta-Da's yet because I am down with the Flu. YUCK!!

For the last two days I've been pretty much flat on my back unable to move without starting a terrible coughing episode. I'm feeling a little better today and looking around at my laundry and kitchen wondering how I'll catch back up. Makes a girl just want to go back to bed.

Well, I didn't finish my list last week, for the same excuse. I got sick. But here it is anyway, for accountability sake.

New Bible Study Program daily (I did get this one done! I missed church Sunday, but I still read my bible.)
  • Organize File Cabinet (this is a big job, I'm redoing the whole system)
  • Get tax stuff together to take to accountant next Monday
Continue working on photo project
  • Get garden plotted out
Blog planning and posting list

Bake and Decorate Evelyn's cake

call school regarding some paperwork needed

freezer inventory update and reorganization

So I will obviously move those three items I didn't get done (and the photo project I didn't FINISH) to this week's list.

Doesn't feel like much of a great finish, but it sure beats nothing!


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