Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekly Plan change and Driving to town AGAIN!

My husband and I bought a small car for me to drive. Vehicles for large families, like our suburban, are gas hogs. So we purchased this Buick Sable for $600 (PAID FOR!!) to attempt to save a little money on gas for when I make errands to town with only Abby, etc. My children, however, have seen this gas savings as an excuse to make MORE trips to town. Last night someone needed something for school today, so we drove to town. Tonight I'm driving Dillon and some of his friends to the movies. I have been to town every day this week but Monday. Oh well, at least it doesn't cost a fortune for the gas...I guess this is all part of having kids...but don't tell THEM I said that. I think I'm going to institute a new rule about "...X number of trips per week or you pay for the gas from your money". I wonder if that will fix it?

I'm also changing my weekly schedule AGAIN. I'm trying to acclimate to not working right now and making the schedule so that it will work well with when I start back to work. Here it is.

Sunday: Church, pick up paper(s), clip/organize coupons, make menu plan, grocery list
Monday: Errand/Grocery Day
Tuesday: Focused cleaning day
Wednesday: free day, reading, study, church
Thursday: Catch up/Antiprocrastination, Laundry focus
Friday: Desk Day/Pay bills/Work on debt snowball
Saturday: Family Fun, Cooking/Baking Focus


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