Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Grocery Trip

Well I FINALLY got my shopping done for the week. Abby was sickish on Monday and then we got that ice/snow so I didn't try to go to town until today. The nice part is that I really didn't need to. The real reason I even tried to go at all is because of the big Dillon's sale.

So here's how I did:

Walgreens Trip

Actually this was two seperate transactions. To get the Dr Pepper deal Rewards you could only do two at a time. Since we are having some of the teenagers over on Sunday (superbowl) I thought we should have some cokes for them to drink.

Colgate Toothpaste $2.99
-2.00 Register Rewards
-.75 coupon
= $.49

Sunkist/Dr Pepper/Root Beer (3/$4.00)
-2.00 Register Rewards
=$.67 each
did that one twice

Milk $2.99 (no coupon, just the cheapest price in town)

Wonder bread 2/$4.00

Total before coupons/RR's $18.90
RR's back $6.00
Out of pocket $12.15
RR's used -$10.00
Actual money spent in store: $2.15 (that's a savings of 89%)



No coupons or anything here. But there were some good deals (and prices were less than what I would pay other places). Deals worth mentioning:

Chicken Quarters $.79/lb.
Yukon Gold Potatoes, 5 lbs $1.99
Avacado's $.49 each (gotta have guacamole for Super Bowl!!)

The total was $30.69 for everything you see pictured

Now for the serious shopping...


There is a mix and match super deal on select items. You can get $5.00 off your total for every ten selected items, maximum of three promo offers per transaction. I did two.

$1.99 Kraft Cheese
-$ .50 Promo
-$.50 tear off coupon in the aisle (doubles) <---These were gone :'( but you should look if you go
=$1.49 ea
I bought 4

$1.49 Valley Fresh Steamers
-$.50 promo
-$.50 coupon (dbl's)
=free!! (I have two coupons!)

(this makes 6 items)

$2.50 Armour Meatballs
-.50 Promo
-.55 coupon (dbl's)

(this makes 7)

$1.99 Ken's Dressing
-.50 promo
-1.00 coupon

(this makes 8)

$2.49 Juicy Juice
-.50 promo x 2
-.50/2 coupon (dbl's)
=1.49 each but must buy two

(this makes 10 promo offers)

Then I did:

Pepsi 12pk $3.49
-.50 promo
-1.20 plus
=1.79 each (I bought 3)

Orville Redenbacher $1.99
-.50 promo
-.80 (doubles to $1.00)

(this makes 4)

Cheetos 2.50
-.50 promo
-.19 plus savings
=$1.81 each (bought 2)

(this makes 6)

Fiber One Bars $2.49
-.50 promo
-.50 coupon (dbls)
=.99 (had two coupons!)

(this makes 8)

Nature Valley Granola Bars $2.49
-.50 promo
-.50 coupon (doubles)
=.99 ea (had two coupons!)

This makes 10

I also picked up red tag special on banana's $.39/lb

Total before plus/coupons/promos:$73.63
Less coupons scanned -15.45
less doubles -4.35
Store coupons & promos -21.12

Out of pocket/Actual spent $32.71 (that's a savings of 56%)

Plus I got two catalina's with my receipt:
$1.00 off Kelloggs Fiber Plus Antioxidant bars
Save $1.50-$3.50 (depending on what you buy)
1/30-2/22 w/Nature Valley Granola Bars

So...not a bad day, all three of those pictures for a whopping total of $65.55 out of my grocery envelope


  1. haha, look at all the macaroni who ya feeding owl?


  2. Teenagers!! Macaroni they can make themselves and it's cheap @ $.35/bx

  3. I know that Dillon's is a sister store of Kroger's... I know that Kroger does manager's specials on things and I can usually buy 1 gal of milk for $.99 when I go the morning that they do their markdowns. I didn't know if you knew that, or if Dillon's does the same thing.

  4. Thanks Miriam.

    Dillon's does do the same thing. I will pick up milk there when they have the special's but they do go fast.

    That's actually why I waited to pick up the milk until the second trip at Walgreens on the way home. Just to be sure that I couldn't get a marked down milk at Aldi's or Dillon's.

    Gotta LOVE those manager specials! I try to look for those little tags wherever I am in the store!


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