Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grocery Results

Yesterday Abby and I went for our weekly shopping and errand trip. We first dropped off a jacket at the drycleaners, dropped off some paperwork to an office for Jason and then we went to the DAV (Disabled Veterans thrift store) to look around for anything that we might want or use. I picked up a canning tool for 29 cents. It would retail for probably 12-15 bucks. Abby found an absolutely essential ziploc bag full of My Little Ponies for a dollar. Something unusual that happened was when we were in line, a woman behind me asked, "now what is that thing that you have there?" I would have thought because of her age (60s?) she would have known. I realize that canning is something alot of people don't do anymore, but I would have thought that someone from my parents generation would have at least grown up around it.

Then we went to Walgreens to pick up their pepsi deal, total $16.06 and ($5.00) register reward=$11.06. Jason drinks at least two pepsi's while he's at work so instead of paying .50/ea from the machine, I paid $2/12pk. That makes them $.18/ea (inc. tax). Next we went to the discount bread store. I got two loaves of bread, some cereal and snack/lunch items for $11.29. Abby loves our grocery trips because I will always stop at McDonald's and let her have a happy meal and play on the playground. She gets her happy meal for less than $3 and I will get a large drink for a dollar more. I usually bring something to work on while she's playing with the other kids on the equipment, paperwork I need to fill out, an article I've intended to read but haven't gotten around to, etc. This week I finished cutting out the coupons from Sunday's paper and organizing them into my coupon binder.

After the lunch break, it was time for the serious shopping...Dillons. When I compared my coupons with store deals this week, I only ended up using one coupon. The .55 off Healthy Choice soup (Jason's lunch), it was doubled so I only paid .69. My grand total this week was $74.89 (Kroger savings $9.31). I also get .10 off my gas for each $100 I spend there. I haven't even tracked that savings at all. I should, after I get this coupon tracking down. After the boy helped me out with the groceries, we filled up our gas tank (saving .10/gallon) and headed home.

Totals to grocery budget:
(74.89) Dillons
(11.29) discount bread store
(16.06) Walgreens
5.00 Register Rewards
97.24 for trip 3

$450.00 Budgeted Amount
(115.16) trip 1
(126.00) trip 2
( 97.24) trip 3
$ 111.60 left to use for remainder of month


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