Sunday, January 25, 2009

Have you Joined The 365 Club yet?

I talked about being a member of Facebook a couple of posts back. I initially joined it because that's what the kid's at my children's school are all doing. My oldest son and stepdaughter each have an account, so I made an account also, so that I can see what is going on. Well, technically that's only the first step of all that we do to see what is going on with them, but then, that's another post isn't it?

Anyway...After I made the account, I started finding friends from high school and friends from previous jobs and other connections that I have made over the years. I have talked to friends that I haven't spoken with since high school and we are truly reconnecting by being able to see pictures of each other's kids, hear about our day to day activities, etc. What started as just another parental monitoring device is turning into some really fun "mom-time".

Today, however, I found a way that it can be even more. One of my good friends, Margie, found a group on Facebook called the 365 Club. It started at the beginning of the year and it's mission is to have as many members as possible who become ACTIVE members and will make effort every day (for 365 days) to do a random act of kindness. It could be buying coffee for the person behind you in the coffee line. It could be giving a homeless person a coat. Anything you wish. No one tells you what to do, which leaves you to be as creative or as simple as you would like. No one says who you can or can't "give" to either. Personally I think if we are all out there looking for the situations for giving, God will provide. I think that someone will be put in our way and we will know exactly what to do...IF we are looking for that.

I just think this is such a great idea. Facebook is a huge social network, if people will join and then actively participate, it could be a great mission.

Did you ever see that movie "Pay It Forward"? If you didn't go rent it right now, it's worth the rental fee (and that's saying alot from a cheapo like me! ha!). This idea works very similarly to that movie and the things that you see in that movie definately inspire.

You hear that phrase so much, "little things mean alot". Just imagine thousands of tiny little kindnesses, all spread out all over the country. Something like that could change the world.

So if you are a member of Facebook, please join today. And if you're not, join anyway. I see no reason why you have to put your name on a list to start spreading kindness. Make it your mission today and every day to spread a little kindness everywhere you go. It really can make the world a better place for our children.


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