Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Starting on the right foot and feeling a little froggy

Crystal at Biblical Womanhood had a great post today about the importance of staying on a routine. I have noticed, since I'm not working right now, that on the days in which I get up with Jason when the alarm goes off that the day goes much more smoothly. The temptation for me, while I'm not working, is take advantage of "not needing to go anywhere". I am able to wake up with the alarm, get up see everyone else off to work and school and then just snuggle back into bed with the sleeping Abigail.

I have been pretty good about not doing that however. Most days I do get on with the day after everyone else leaves. But I don't have an actual written out schedule of the things that are the most vital to be done in the mornings. I decided since Crystal threw out the challenge, this is a good opportunity for me to do so.

The directive is to list the five most important things we need to have done first thing in the morning. I found six (of course I have to be different!)
So I'll make number five a two-fer because when I'm really on top of things there might not be one or the other!

1. Get up and make bed
2. Shower and get dressed
3. Get Abby up, dressed and fed
4. Start any dinner prep, if any, while Abby is eating
5. Start a load of laundry and eat that frog (put away dishes, start breakfast dishes)

Crystal from Biblical Womanhood inspired the schedule, but this post from Simple Mom inspired the accompanying rules...which in my particular case is the crux of making the plan work.

I, Lisa aka The Owl, solemnly swear (ok...I'm trying not to do how about I just pinky promise!) That I WILL NOT get on the internet until the morning routine and three items from my to-do list are done. Period.

I really think that will make an enormous impact on my productivity in a day. I can get online to check email and then bounce over to Living like No One Else forum, and before you know it, I'm checking (just for a second) the Google Blogger and then I'm lost in blogs for hours, learning all kinds of wonderful information and not using the time to do anything that I know I could or should.

This time between jobs is a blessing. I am able to spend extra time with Abby and get my household into the best shape it will ever be in before I have to go back to work. I can use this time to streamline things and make things easier for me when I go back to work, or I can waste it all by a lack of self control. Like I said, I've done "the right thing" most days. This schedule (and rule) is for the days when it doesn't come easy and the "right thing" is something I have to talk myself into.


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