Sunday, January 18, 2009

To Do List

I try to follow a basic weekly plan and then have a set of to-do's for each week that I can fit into my days. Here is my to-do list this week. I will come back and edit it as the week goes by and let you know how I finished up with the list.

Monday: Shopping day
lunch with my dear friend Cindy (actually just drinks and visiting...lunch will be for Abby, we're meeting at McDonalds to visit while she plays!)
straighten pantry and fridge as needed when putting groceries away

Tuesday: Focused Cleaning day (this week it's the bedrooms)
Do a basic overall cleaning of the house
focus on the bedrooms/closets upstairs

Wednesday: Free day to read/learn/etc
Work on current project
Work on blog preps
finish any work not done yesterday with the bedrooms
Prep work in kitchen that needs done if any

Thursday: Laundry/Catch up day
Interview with job I've applied for (pretty much all day with tests, etc)
Work on the laundry and the photo project while watching my tv night

Friday: Desk/Bill day
pay all bills of course
make any adjustments to budget and make next months
send in any extra money for snowball
write/send correspondance
plan errand day for next monday (get it ready if errands need run)

Saturday: free day for family
Kitchen prep/baking for the week
overall pickup/quick clean of house for weekend
Do something with the kids

Sunday: Day of Thanksgiving and Preparation
Sunday school and church
pick up paper
Go to Scotts for any good deals there
clip coupons
plan menu
plan shopping strategy
Blog preps


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