Monday, January 19, 2009

The Grocery Plan

The mission...
To get the deals, not overspend the budget and to get the most for the money each and every week.

The obstacles...
The grocery store is riddled with traps to grab the ill-prepared customer.

The weapons...
A menu plan for the week, including THE LIST of items needed as priority one, the list of great deals that can be picked up as loss leaders this week as priority two, thoroughly researched ads and clipped coupons, and a shopper who is not in a hurry. Remember that comparing prices (and the prices of store brand vs coupon) is crucial to being successful at this mission.

If you choose to accept this mission...
Your grocery budget will be maximized helping your family to eat nutritious and fabulous meals at the fraction of the cost that other families are paying for less nutritious or even (gasp!) takeout meals...which is highway robbery!

This message will self destruct in five seconds...

Don't worry, I'm not going to blow up your computer. I would, however, like to tell you about my mission this week and then report back later with the results at how I did with my weekly shopping report.


I'm just going into Kmart for the free toothpaste. Yes, I said free toothpaste.

Colgate Total Advance normally $2.00
on sale this week 1/$1 + $1 off coupon = free!!


Pepsi 5/$15.00
Doritos 2/$5
(spending $20.00 on these items to get back $10.00 in register rewards)

Also checking out the Special K 2 pk for $4.99
It is supposed to have a $1.00 peelie and if that does turn into 2 cereals for 3.99 I'll take them!


Potatoes 5lb bag of bakers $1.99
Onions 3lb bag .79ea
Going to price check the cereal here for deals
also look for manager specials in meat and clearance
Price checking chili before I buy the 10/10 at Dillons


Using my allowance money for February birthday cards/greeting cards. It was another of my resolutions to be more organized in this area. I am buying cards a month at a time the last (or close to last) week of the month to send out as needed with my bills. So far, so good! At Dollartree the cards are affordable, only .50/each.


They are supposed to be having a mega meat sale. I'll check it out.

Chops & Roast advertised 1.99/lb
thin sliced steak 2.99/pk (didn't specify size, etc)
Avacados 10/10
Salad 10/10
Stagg Chili 10/10
Frozen Veggies 10/10
Sour cream 10/10
Cheerios (GM cereal) 3/$8 + $1 off 3 coupon = 3/$7 (2.33/ea for brand name cereals)
Fast Fixin Chicken (Chicken nuggets, strips, etc) 10/10
Kroger OJ concentrate 10/10
Kroger Toaster Tarts 10/10
Kroger Pretzels/Tortilla Chips 10/10

They are also having a DVD sale. We will go browse this, but probably won't get anything unless we see a great bargain and still have money left over.

Ok, I will report back in the afternoon after we've had our day of shopping to give you the results of our trip.

How did your shopping trip go? Please let me know about the deals you got this week in the comments. Have a great Monday!


  1. I love your grocery plan! And, that message did not self-destruct in 5 seconds. Something must be wrong. ;P

  2. Great grocery plan!! I have started my own $100 a week grocery challenge, this will be my first week posting it, once I go shopping that is.

  3.'s my grocery plan.....get up too early, rush through morning routine of getting ready to head to the office. Walk dogs, take out trash and prepare to hit the 45min to an hour for a 25 mile trip through the warzone......arrrive at office, worked 7 or so stressed filled deadlined crammed hours and repeat the journey home. Only to stop at the grocery store without a plan, grab something on a foam tray covered in cellophane that looks like I might need a knife to cut it. Race home, cook it up, chow it down, handle briefcase brought home, clean kitchen, go to bed, REPEAT......i'm not sure how much that all costs me, but i'm sure it is too much.........kinda exciting huh?

  4. lol margie!!

    You make the big bucks though, we have to watch our pennies feeding teenage garbage disposals and making what WE make! lol

  5. Big Bucks eh?? After satisfying my shoe and purse fetishes.....I'm not sure there is much left to contribute to a food budget..Thankfully the man comes through for me......obviously I am not missing any meals!


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