Saturday, January 24, 2009

God Isn't Just for Sunday's

God isn't just for Sundays. Sometimes, when life gets busy it is very easy to think because you go to church on Sunday, or you believe in God that that's enough. I don't think I'm a bad person but I can tell you I have gone for years at a time doing that and somewhere deep inside I knew God wanted to hear from me, and I should be praying more than just "thanks for the food" and "thank you God" when something good happened. But I didn't. I didn't feel that I had the time. I would forget about God until it was Sunday or until I needed something. I am trying very hard to remember that having a relationship with God is just like any other when it comes to communication. Have you ever had a friend that you only talk to once in a while? Busy lives and miles make even the closest of ties have sporadic communication. I have many friends who I have been EXTREMELY close with and while I love them, and I care for them always, the fact that we just don't talk like we used to DOES affect the relationship. The closeness isn't there like it was when there was consistent communication. I think it works the same with God.

I don't believe necessarily that that distance is felt on God's side, after all he is perfect and he loves each of us without condition. He will remember the name and details of a each of us even if we have never talked to him before. I am sure though, that he would probably like communication from us consistently anyway. It has finally dawned on me, though, after almost forty years on this planet, that the reason for the constant communication is because WE need it to feel that closeness to HIM. When I pray every day and I don't get too busy or forget to take that time, it gets easier, the relationship feels natural and it should. If I spend a week (or longer) and don't take that time to thank God for my blessings, to praise the sunset that he put in the sky, to notice and thank him for all the many blessings that he sends my way each and every day, then the relationship can feel a little stiff, a little awkward...I feel like I don't know what to say to him and I can't "hear" anything he wants to tell me either.

So God isn't just for Sunday's. He loves us every day of the week and I hope that I will remember that I need to tell him how much I love him every day too. Not just so he will know, because he tells us that he knew what we will pray before we pray it. But I need to tell him that I love him everyday for me.


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