Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simple Woman's Journal

For January 27,2009

Outside my window... It's 9 degrees and snow is on the ground, covering everything. There was no school today too.
I am thinking... I am putting off going to town for groceries for the second day. Maybe I will go tomorrow.
I am thankful for... a fully stocked pantry and freezers. I can't go to town, but I don't really need to except to catch the sales (which will be on all week)
From the kitchen... The kitchen isn't being used until tonight. There are a few dishes that need to be washed (did I mention that school was cancelled?).
I am wearing... grey sweat pants and grey tshirt with navy sweatshirt on the top.
I am going... nowhere. Hopefully we'll make it to town later in the week, but no plans on getting Abby out into the snow and ice.
I am reading... The Complete Tightwad Gazette (again)
I am hoping...that I got the job!
I am creating... a mess in my bedroom as I try to organize my photos...need to work on that more today.
I am hearing...Dillon talk to a friend on the phone, Abby watching cartoons, and me typing.
Around the house... the laundry is in the dryer, everyone has had lunch and I'm about to send them all to their rooms to clean up a little (that should make me popular! ha) I'll go clean my room too...my mess of photo's and boxes.
One of my favorite things... Hot chocolate on a cold day.
A few plans for the rest of the week... I need to get to town to get some of those Kroger deals and to make a return to Kmart. I would like to get that photo issue resolved in my bedroom (can you tell that's bugging me?) Other than that, just stay on task and on budget for the rest of the week.
A picture thought I am sharing with you... My dad riding one of the lots before the work starts on the last roundup (cattle work weekend) that we had (this is at my Dad's place). This picture makes me yearn for springtime and another springtime roundup!

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  1. Enjoyed your daybook. I hear you about getting photos organized -- it's so important. Someday your family will thank you for it!


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