Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I have a facebook account. I'm not as active with it as alot of my friends are, but I like to keep it as a good way to see what my oldest son and stepdaughter are doing and talking about with their friends And I'm also able to keep up with friends from high school and previous jobs that live far away. I was tagged by my friend Sandy, to write 25 random things about myself and I was surprised at just how difficult that was to do. Since I had to give it such thought, to come up with 25 things that I felt able to share on such a random basis, I thought I would add it to my blog also. So here it is:

1. I've spent most of my working life in law enforcement. I got out a few years ago and now I'm currently trying to get back in (communications side).
2. I'm developing a serious blog addiction. I've been reading several blogs a day for almost a year and at the end of last year I decided to make my own. So I'm learning about that.
3. The most important thing in my life is my family. I have struggled with trying to be a normal/traditional family while dealing with the circumstances we've been dealt. Being divorced from my older kids dad and part of a blended family with my husband, his children and our daughter. I'm working on trying to keep things "normal" for Abby when she has siblings that have different parents and homes.
4. I used to sing, pretty well in fact. Carrie Underwood and I grew up in the same area and have won some of the same contests, been part of the same singing groups, etc. I wonder sometimes what might have happened if something like American Idol had been around when I was growing up. (I'm nowhere as good as Carrie, by the way, in case someone thinks I meant that but I was good enough to get a full scholarship to college.)
5. I'm currently working on rebuilding my spiritual walk. I realized (in almost a shocked way) last year that I have been angry with God since my divorce. It's strange to admit that out loud, but God already knew it even if I didn't. He's forgiven me for blaming him for my mistakes and trying to help me forgive myself and others.
6. I find complete and total bliss in all things domestic. My friend Margie thinks that makes me a stepford wife...but I know I have WAY too much of an opinion to ever make it as a Stepford!! haha
7. Speaking of opinions, I have LOTS of them. In politics, for example, I am conservative and that doesn't always mean republican. I am a strict Constitutionalist and I believe that more people should read history and maybe that would keep us from making the same mistakes, over and over and over again.
8. Sandy is afraid of mice but not snakes, so I tried to think of something I'm afraid of. I can't think of a THING that I'm afraid of, like an item or an animal, and I don't have any phobias that I can think of. The only things I'm afraid of are things HAPPENING to people that I love. I'm not sure if that counts.
9. I am probably the most frugal person that you know. And I'm proud of it.
10. I can't believe it's THIS hard for me to think of things about MYSELF!!!
11. I am chronically cheerful. It's a sickness really. There are people in my life that I should stay mad at or not be so nice to, but I can't help it. I'm a cheerful person and I can't stay mad or sour for more than an hour...I've actually tried!
12. My husband on the other hand is chronically Scroogish, he puts the bah in humbug. It's so cute! lol It's really a cover though for his sweet soft compassionate middle (and he would HATE that I told on him!)
13. I'm addicted to talk radio. I like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey, Laura Ingraham (when I can listen to her online), Friendly Fire with Clarke Sanders (Nancy gets on my nerves), and there are several bible/christian living programs that I listen to on the weekends. My favorite thing to do is bake or cook in my kitchen with the radio dialed in to one of these programs. It stimulates my mind and my culinary senses both at the same time!
14. The music I like most is old country. The country from 60s, 70s and 80s...some of the new stuff. But don't say that I don't like variety. I like country AND western!
15. I drink too much coke. And when I say coke I mean Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. That's another thing that drives my husband crazy. It's a southern-ism that just doesn't go away. "Do you want a coke?" "What kind?, Dr Pepper?" I'm getting better about calling it POP since I moved here though because people look at you funny when you call Dr Pepper coke.
16. I'm very sentimental. Not about things, but about people. I hold them in my heart. People that I love or care about at any point in my life I will ALWAYS love or care about. If I went to high school with you or grew up with you then you are ALWAYS my friend, always on my prayer list and I always think sentimentally about you. Even if we've had a fight...see #11, I don't hold grudges.
17. I worry that future generations won't know how to do anything. It seems that no one knows how to do anything for themselves anymore. Most people can't even count back change at the cash register. People don't know how to cook from scratch, mend a hem, grow their own food or hunt for food either. What will happen if a time comes when we need to know how to do things again? I'm trying to teach my children these skills and make them understand why it's necessary to know (and that's the hard part).
18. Hand in hand with #17. I believe that the family owned farms and ranches are dying. My father, one of my heroes, is a cattle rancher. I think it's extremely important for my children to learn about I said before, people don't care or learn about that anymore. When the time comes for them and my nephews to inherit what my father has worked for his entire life (and my brother and myself)...they should know what to do with it...and that selling out is NOT an option.
19. I know that I don't have perfect character or perfection in any way...but I really do enjoy trying to make myself a better person, mother, wife, employee and friend. Not so much in a "self improvement" BOOK kind of way, but rather by a logical, practical application kind of way...reading the books doesn't hurt though!
20. I used to smoke. I'm glad I don't anymore for many reasons, but I'm surprised that years later I still have the urge to light up during certain situations like eating with friends, or driving at night.
21. I take great delight in learning. I have an endless, almost freakish knowledge of random facts (which are mostly of no use to anyone unless you want to play trivial pursuit) and I am constantly trying to learn new skills, more history, more data/facts about areas of interest and just learning in general.
22. In case you couldn't guess...I'm a bit of a nerd!
23. In high school I was a cheerleader. I'm not sure if I was popular or not (small school...the way I remember it we were all friends, but maybe that's just me being sentimental again) but I definately wasn't a nerd. I think most of my high school friends would be surprised by how "nerdy" I've become...and I'm PROUD of it! lol
24. Now that I've admitted to being a nerd, here's a strange contradiction about me. I'm proud of being a nerd, but embarrassed of my IQ. The school or my parents (and a college course I took) were why I was tested. I have been tested three times, and each time it was only a point or two different. (A point of interest, those three times were in EXTREMELY different age groups. I find that to be quite interesting.) The reason I'm embarrassed is that the IQ is on the high side. I'm not sure if the embarrassment stems from feared expectations of others, or embarrassment for my "waste" of a high IQ, though I would wager that the scales tip more towards the latter. (it's above 160 for those dying to know)
25. I can't believe how much I've actually revealed about myself in this simple little survey.

Now if you'd like, you can use this as an exercise on your own blog, or in the comments you can tell me something random about yourself.

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  1. 80s country....any chance you happen to like Suzy Bogguss????? Or maybe Matraca Berg or Gretchen Peters? Suzy's my all-time favorite, and she's a gem to know, too! :-)

  2. I LOVE Suzy! In fact one of my favorite songs is hers. Cold Day in July.

    There's nothing better than that kind of country!

  3. That IS a great one!!! And I'm very impressed that you'd pick that out of her more "common" tracks. :-) I might email you a link to a page where I have pictures of a luncheon that I organized awhile back with Suzy and her core group of fans. We had the BEST time! If you ever get the chance to see her in concert, DO! Her shows are soooo much fun! I'm hoping to catch her in IL in May, and IN later in the year.


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