Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday 4/27/09

Is anyone else watching The Biggest Loser? Those people are so inspirational. My favorite one was booted off last week, Kristen. That girl was almost four hundred pounds when she started and in 16 weeks she had lost 116 pounds and was RUNNING. RUNNING!! It makes me wonder what the heck I'm still doing on the couch. If those people can do it with all that extra weight on their backs, why can't I?

Last night they showed the five remaining contestants the physical/medical effects of all the dieting and exercise they'd been doing the last 17 weeks. In that time, Helen had lost 103 pounds and the doctor told her that she had taken TEN years off her life. At 48 she's the age when most women kind of "give in" to those extra pounds. It's really inspirational to see her kicking those extra pounds to the curb!

So the question is, what's keeping me from doing what they did? I have a whole lot less to lose than Kristin and I'm younger than Helen. Filipe had asthma, so that's no excuse either. I'm running out of excuses here. Maybe I could say time is the issue. That is actually an issue for me, but you know what? After watching last nights show and seeing how much just WEIGHT can effect your medical issues...and how possible it actually is to turn it around. I am thinking now that I don't have the time NOT to exercise. If I don't do something now then I'm going to be in Helen's shoes by the time I get to 48.

So I finally started exercising last week and I kicked it into high gear this morning after watching last nights show. So couple that with the diet I've been doing the past few weeks, and we'll see if that changes anything. I know it will, if it worked for them...ANYONE should be able to do it.

This week's Notes:

Food: I did excellent. No big calorie splurges. A few nutritional choices that I could have made better, but I can live with it.

Water: I did ok. There is still room for improvement though. I get busy in the garden or doing something in the house and forget to drink.

Exercise: At least I've gotten started. I should be improving each week in this area. I'm getting kind of tired of piddling around with this, it's time to make some real changes.

Successes: I think the turnaround in my attitude is the biggest success so far. Now to translate that into actual pounds.

Failures: Just a few nutritional choices that I could have made better.

Weight Change: No weight change.

How did you do this week? Let me know in the comments. And if you make a post on your own blog, link to me below on Mr. Linky and we can encourage each other to keep it up! If they can do it, so can we!

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  1. Hey Lisa, My Mom went to a heart diet (whole grain or whole wheat foods instead of white flour and less meat more veggies and she also does this walking away the pounds with Leslie Sandsone and she has lost a lot of weight. Like from size 16 to size 8 or 10. But she is really good at doing her exercise cd. She does it every day, even when she is away from home, she does it from her ipod. I know I am bad when I watch the biggest looser and want to have a SNACK! Love ya you can do it. J


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