Monday, April 20, 2009

Finally finishing the Photo Project

I started a photo project about a MONTH ago. I thought, no big deal, I will sort all my photo's and scan them all into my computer to make digital photo albums to share with family and then sort them by type and year and put them in albums or scrapbooks. Phewww...sounds like quite a chunk right? HELLO...I didn't even have a CLUE! I have worked on this project days on end for over a month and actually there is still more that I could do at this point, but I'm going to call it done!

I started with a full table of pictures which I sorted into tubs that I could put away and pull out to work on one tub at a time.

Then I scanned each tub of pictures until they were all scanned. When I finished putting them all into my computer I made some digital albums on Photobucket for my family.

For my side of the family:

For my husband's side of the family:

And I used the pictures to make slideshows on my high school reunion website also.

There are more, but if I add any others it will probably overwhelm you too!

Then I used a few of the pictures to make photo presentations, like this one of my father
And then finally, I sorted the pictures into dated order and put them into leather albums like this:
Yes, that baby on the cover is me.

It was a lot of hard work but now I can enjoy my pictures here in my home at my leisure and I can easily share them with friends and family.

So here's to finally finishing the photo project.

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Now, I guess I'm off to take more pictures!


  1. Wow, that was a ton of work, congratulations! Great tackle!

  2. oh dear, I have a box full of photos that I'm supposed to scan into the computer. Haven't touched it for a couple of years. They are all old family photos.

  3. Now that is a tackle.

    This is one job I totally should get onto but I can skip the step of scanning.



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