Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Plan and Menu's 4/27 - 5/1

I started my very first carnival this past week. It's called From To-Do to Ta-Da and I made my first post on Saturday night but it can be done anytime, if you'd like to join in too. It is a look at how we did in our week. A report of progress we made, things we might need to modify and just overall accountability...

I missed only one of my menu items for the week, Chicken Fettuccini, so I'll be repeating it this week. We are leaving to do the spring round up (of cattle) at my dad's ranch this next weekend, so I only needed to plan through Friday this week as well.

Round up's are so much fun. My whole family gets together and we work cattle all day on Saturday and Sunday. We all bring really good food for the lunches, so those of us who aren't actually in the lots working cattle are in the kitchen visiting and putting the finishing touches on our food. I do a little bit of both, but there are some people who come and don't even work cattle at all, they just come to visit and watch...and eat!

Now for the plans and menu's this week. Menu items are in red.

Morning routine
Grocery list and start chili in crockpot
Weekly shopping trip
pickup free Redbox movie
call for truck repair and rental
check ironing
Tackle office and pictures for blog
Chili for supper
blog posts before bed


Ask J to Return Redbox movie
Morning routine
Work on proposals and Resume
Garden work
Cream Can for supper
Reunion calls made
Post Wed blogs before bed


Morning routine
Laundry catch up day
Crock pot chickens for casseroles and broth (prep for another day, not this week)
Extra Blog work
WHS site work
reunion tasks
Chicken Fettuccini w/Alfredo Sauce (that I didn't make last week)
Post Thurs blogs before bed


Morning Routine
Clean Kitchen
Clean out fridge
Take out trash (trash day tomorrow)
Garden Work
Chicken Salad sandwiches
Post blogs


Morning Routine
Bill day
Catch up anything that didn't get done
Pack to leave on trip after school is out
Pizza for dinner (ready to eat before we leave)
Post Blogs


Out of town


Out of town

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And if you'd like to know how my week went, and tell me how your week went as well, please come back to visit me on Saturday night or Sunday for my own first attempt at a carnival. I started it this past Saturday and I am hoping that someone else will join me in this celebration of our weeks.


  1. I like that you have your week all planned out. So organized!

  2. I've never worked cattle in my life but you made it sound like a lot of fun. Please keep me posted, I would love to hear more about your trip.

  3. Thanks Sara and SonyaAnn!

    Sonyann, I'll be making a post about the roundup with pictures sometime next week. So you can check back then to see some pictures! :)

  4. OH my, I plan menus for a month but I take my weeks day by day!!! You go girl!!!!

  5. I love your plan tried to be more like you and I like the saturday list idea as well

  6. Lisa, I'm so impressed with your organizing. I plan weekly menu but I don't usually write down what I am going to do each day. I will be checking in on you from time to time. My blog is very diffrent from your but feel free to stop by. Love ya! J


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