Saturday, May 2, 2009

From To-Do to Ta-Da #2 5/2/09

This is the second week of hosting my very first carnival, from To-Do, to Ta-Da.

The purpose of this carnival is for us to share our progress in the week that has just finished. We do our to-do lists at the beginning of the week, then we can post them on Tuesday (if you wish...I do) over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting To Do Tuesday. We work on our lists all week and get all that we can accomplished. Then, Saturday night, or Sunday, we can look back on our weeks together, here.

  • What have I accomplished? TA-DA!!

  • What should I do differently next week to make my to-do list work better for me?

  • What struggles did I face this week that made progress especially difficult?

Any of these issues or any others that you can think of can all be addressed here. This carnival is for you, so you can make your Ta-Da post in any manner that you choose, whatever works best for you.

Oh man it has been a busy week. And it's actually not even over yet. I'm writing this Friday morning so that I can pack for us to go away for the weekend when school's out today.

Here is how my week has gone so far:

Morning routine
Grocery list and start chili in crockpot
Weekly shopping trip
pickup free Redbox movie
call for truck repair and rental
check ironing
Tackle office and pictures for blog
Chili for supper
blog posts before bed

Mon-I didn't make it to town Monday, but I went on Tuesday. I got a few of the Tuesday items on Monday so that it would still all work out.


Ask J to Return Redbox movie
Morning routine
Work on proposals and Resume
Garden work
Cream Can for supper
Reunion calls made
Post Wed blogs before bed

Tue-I went to town today and got a TON of stuff done in the garden. Even more than I'd planned on. Good thing too because it's been raining all week since. I just hope my poor new plants don't drown.


Morning routine
Laundry catch up day
Crock pot chickens for casseroles and broth (prep for another day, not this week)
Extra Blog work
WHS site work
reunion tasks
Chicken Fettuccini w/Alfredo Sauce (that I didn't make last week)
Post Thurs blogs before bed

Wednesday: Today I had to take Abby to the doctor for her 4yr checkup. She's a year ahead of where she's supposed to be developmentally, but I didn't need the doctor to tell me she's gifted (ok, I'm bragging just a little..but it's allowed lol). I still put off the reunion stuff for another day and it's still not done on Friday. Next week I'll make it priority.


Morning Routine
Clean Kitchen
Clean out fridge
Take out trash (trash day tomorrow)
Garden Work
Chicken Salad sandwiches
Post blogs

Thurs: I blazed through my list in no time today, except for the garden work since it's raining. I made up for the rainy day though on Tuesday. I'm almost through with putting in all the plants that I wanted and I've even thought of a couple more things I'd like to do this year to add to the list.


Morning Routine
Bill day
Catch up anything that didn't get done
Pack to leave on trip after school is out
Pizza for dinner (ready to eat before we leave)
Post Blogs

Fri: Truthfully I've yet to get started since no one is even up yet this morning, but I see no problem with being able to finish it all, so I'm marking it off anyway! lol I pretty much finished the packing yesterday. I still need to call my dad though and see if he sees anything else we need that I can bring.

I hope you all have a great weekend! We are going to my dad's ranch this weekend to help with the roundup (as you may know if you regularly read this blog). I will have pictures next week I hope. There is a chance that it may rain though, so I'm not sure what will happen if it's heavy. We've worked cattle in the rain before, so I know that won't stop us unless it's a gullywasher. Camera may not come out then though.

See you all next week!

Are you proud of, or at least analytical about the things you've accomplished this week? Why not join me by adding your link below?


  1. I can't wait to see all the pictures of the round up! Hope you had fun.

  2. I love this idea that you have. There's so much satisfaction in being able to scratch something off your list! Have a great rest of the weekend!


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