Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Being a Step-mother

We all grew up hearing the fairy tales about the wicked, evil "stepmother". When I married my husband, he already had two daughters. I was so nervous about being someone's "stepmother", especially since I had my own experience with step-parents growing up and it wasn't so great. I was so lucky though, that when I met his girls, they made it so easy to form our own relationship that it's easy to forget about the "step" part. So the only steps in our house now...are the ones that go up the stairs.

I never forget, though, as much as I love these kids that these girls already have a mom. And I try to honor that relationship. I would never try to replace the girl's mothers, just as I wouldn't want my ex-husband's wife to try to replace me as their mom either. A child can never have too many people who care about them though. And my heart would not seem nearly so full without Rachel and Kera in it. I'll talk to you this week about Rachel and how she is such a blessing to my life.

Rachel is graduating this Sunday from the 8th grade. Next year, she will be a high school student. She is the same age as my daughter Shelby, only Shelby was born in February and Rachel is an October baby from the year before. Rachel never lets her forget that she's four months older!

Rachel is extremely good-natured. She's always got something to be laughing about and many times it's herself. Yes, she's one of those rare people who's unafraid to be goofy. She doesn't know how far ahead of the game that puts her already!

You can see from her picture that she's gorgeous. Just like all the other kids in our house. Aren't we lucky?

Rachel has a giving spirit that I wish would rub off sometimes. If there's ever something I need help with, Rachel is the first one to help. Some of our best times have been in the kitchen baking cookies or making pies. She's a great sister and an even better daughter. I am so lucky to have this life with Rachel in it.

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