Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dear Diary...errrr, I mean Blog

Well, today was not as efficient as I had hoped. I had to roll some things over to do tomorrow that I would have liked to have gotten done today. I made my oatmeal/chocolate chip/toffee cookies today and that's about all that got done towards the Christmas cooking besides the normal day to day meals and clean up.

I spent a little more time working out my budget for 2009. I really revved up my spreadsheet to include each month of the year, include percentage of income for each catagory and it will automatically inject the remaining balance of income after all bills, expenses and funds are paid towards my debt snowball (the bill I'm currently working on paying off, the one with the smallest balance) While that took up a chunk of my day and should really have been done on a day that my goal is at the desk, I went with it because the Excel juices were really flowing! lol

Tomorrow is normally my cleaning day, but with Christmas coming, I'm changing the days all around. Tomorrow will be my baking and desk day. I need to finish up some shopping on Tue and I try to make only one trip to town, so to get my menu's and grocery lists ready I'll need to have them done tomorrow. Then Tue will be my errand day. I will go to town and finish the last minute shopping, get some groceries and run them home. Then I'll go to my hairdresser to get Abby and my haircuts. Wednesday I'll clean the entire house, get the cornbread cooked off for the dressing, pack for our trip out of town and finish any pies or baking that hasn't been caught up by then.

We are having Christmas with the inlaws on Christmas Eve/Wed. We will travel to Oklahoma for Christmas with my Dad on Christmas/Thurs. We will have Christmas with my mom and her husband on Friday and then back home on Saturday. Sunday, friends and family that live close by are invited to our Christmas party here. I cook a big dinner (Turkey, dressing, etc) and that's where all this baking comes into play. Since I will only be home hours before that event, I'm getting all the baking done these last couple of weeks so that all I will have to do Sunday is cook the dinner.

I'm tired already! lol

Well, on second thought, I guess I will try to finish some more of those cookies tonight before bed...I don't know when else I can get them done.

Jello Cookies
(red and Grn sugar cookies to pretty up the cookie platters)

and if I'm feeling ambitious, I will make the dough for my pinwheel cookies. That's just red dough layered onto white dough, flavored with peppermint extract and made to look like peppermint candy. I can roll them out tomorrow if I get the dough ready tonight.


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